Whether you are on the front end of formulating your study or nearing the finish line of a final defense, specialized services are available to meet your needs, including assistance with:

  • setting goals, action steps, and deadlines for deliverables to meet your graduation goals
  • fine-tuning research questions for a manageable scope of study
  • developing a conceptual or theoretical framework
  • establishing a clear chain of logic in writing organization
  • organizing and synthesizing research studies
  • describing technical procedures
  • reporting results
  • analyzing lessons learned into meaningful findings
  • editing for APA 6th edition correctness
  • preparing formatting for submission to University archives

Consider coaching and editing services as an investment in you and your career goals, moving you more quickly toward graduation, and saving you from additional semesters of tuition and time spent diverted from other endeavors.

Support is available across disciplines.  Content specialties include topics related to education (curriculum and instruction, technology integration, and leadership and policy studies) and the social sciences.