Laura’s coordination of the 32-school Kindergarten pilot study was unsurpassed. She had seemingly 24/7 availability as a point of contact for participating schools in support of implementation with fidelity. Her organization and communication skills, coupled with expertise in teaching, school leadership, and systems will prove to be invaluable to organizations implementing multi-site mixed-methods research and evaluation projects. Additionally, Laura’s writing is clear, concise, and meaningful to non-research audiences. On top if these amazing skills, Laura is an absolute joy to work with—an excellent colleague all around.
— Dr. Deborah Jonas, President and Founder, Research & Analytic Insights
Laura is awesome! She is very thorough and gives the attention and feedback that you need during the process. Specifically, she met with me to determine what type of assistance I was looking for when I was ready for the editing phase. She assisted me in ensuring that my writing was clear and concise and in the appropriate format. As I completed each chapter of my dissertation, she also provided possible considerations to include in other chapters of my paper. Perhaps the best indicator of her positive influence was that I completed the program in 2.6 years. The three ladies in my cohort who worked with Laura all finished in time to march at graduation. This was well before other members of the cohort. In addition, I referred a colleague to Laura and he was given the support he needed to complete his dissertation. She is truly a dynamic individual that will support you throughout the process!
— Dr. Angela Isbell, Administrator of Federal Programs, Chesapeake Public Schools
The Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium (MERC), a partnership between VCU and Richmond area school divisions, has successfully contracted with Dr. Laura Kassner to complete several projects. She has been responsive, responsible, and very skilled at presenting research and evaluation findings that have important contributions to practice. We look forward to working with her in the future, and strongly recommend her services.
— Dr. Jim McMillan, Executive Director, MERC
Thank you for everything you have done for me during this process. I am not sure I would have completed the program on time if I did not have your assistance.
— Dr. Kevin Newman, Superintendent, Colonial Beach Public Schools
The Virginia Early Childhood Foundation (VECF) contracted with Laura Kassner to coordinate a state-wide research pilot of a developmentally-appropriate, multi-dimensional commercial assessment of kindergarten children’s readiness and growth. This pilot spanned 14 school divisions, 32 school sites, 80 classrooms, and around 1,000 students.
Laura created informative resources for pilot participants, attended regional trainings of teacher participants across the Commonwealth, and worked hand-in-hand with vendor, school, and foundation partners to structure technical assistance and evaluation strategies and structures.
I am grateful for all of her hard to work make it happen - and her persistence and good spirit with working through issues that were sometimes so tedious. I appreciated that the schools had such a positive experience in the support they received from Laura, which was really important to me - and to us as an organization - and no one could have done a better job than she did.
— Ms. Kathy Glazer, President, Virginia Early Childhood Foundation
Laura is OUTSTANDING! I could not have gotten through the process without her editing skills and keen ability to offer suggestions that only enhanced my paper. She’s top notch!
— Dr. Jacqueline Coppage- Miller, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services, Chesapeake Public Schools
After serving as her committee chair during her doctoral studies, I have joined Laura on several presentations and projects. She worked with me as I taught qualitative research applications to VT doctoral students, providing the lead in technological support for student inquiry and discussion. She has demonstrated several instructional technology techniques and programs that have enhanced student learning and given them new technology strategies to apply in their own school settings. She has also assisted students who were in the writing phase of their dissertations, providing guidance and support for their organization of literature reviews and their analysis of data. Her understanding of, and ability to assist with, scholarly writing is extensive.

Additionally, I have been able, as the program leader for Educational Leadership, to hire Laura as an adjunct in our program, where she has taught curriculum and instructional leadership and other leadership classes to our students who are seeking masters’ degrees and administrative licensure. Her instructional technology skills, both for data disaggregation and instructional enhancement, were among the many reasons the students enjoyed her as an instructor. Her ability to connect with them enhanced their experience.

As a student, a colleague, and a friend, Laura is top notch.
— Dr. Carol Cash, Program Leader and Clinical Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, Virginia Tech