Helping teachers improve their craft by building their capacity is a passion of ours.  Specialized services are available to meet your needs, including:

  • modeling instructional strategies on-site for teachers in their learning contexts
  • facilitating professional learning communities
  • presenting during professional development activities - and facilitating collaboration among staff
  • designing sustained, job-embedded professional development for instructors that includes long-term support, coaching, and technical assistance
  • building virtual community structures to continue the learning beyond face-to-face time

It is our promise that we will model best practice in all we do.  We assess needs before we plan - no sessions "out of a can."  We will meaningfully integrate technology - not for flash value.  We differentiate for our learners - no apologizing for irrelevant sessions at the beginning.  We build structures to support long-term learning - not just one shot sessions. We get it and want to influence perceptions of professional development for the better.