What you teach and how you teach are critical components in the learning equation.  Specialized services are available to meet your needs, including:

  • designing courses and developing course content to reach prescribed goals
  • creating curriculum crosswalks to highlight differences in old and new iterations of what is taught
  • developing, evaluating, and adjusting pacing guides to maximize cross-curricular connections and efficiency
  • developing digital resource libraries aligned to curriculum standards
  • conducting curriculum audits to gauge alignment between written, taught, and assessed curriculum through the gathering and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data
  • conducting vertical and horizontal analyses to ensure continuity and coherence across subjects and grade levels
  • assisting with selection of curriculum programs and related materials (textbooks, supplemental resources, subscriptions)
  • conducting classroom walk-throughs to gauge instructional quality and fidelity with instructional initiatives
  • modeling instructional strategies on-site for teachers in their learning contexts
  • integrating technology in instruction in ways that enhances learner experiences and achieves pedagogical goals
  • designing sustained, job-embedded professional development for instructors that includes long-term support, coaching, and technical assistance

Consider curriculum and instruction services as an investment in the quality of teaching and learning processes, ensuring your students engage with developmentally-appropriate, relevant content through interactions with peers and high-quality instructors.