Charlottesville, here we come! VERA 2015

My lovely colleague, Kate Cassada and I will be presenting one of our recent projects at Virginia Educational Research Association (VERA) in Charlottesville this week.

We have investigated the use of backchannels (synchronous chat rooms) and the impact they have on the nature, quality, and richness of peer feedback in a higher education setting, specifically in a Reflective Practice course in the Masters of Curriculum and Instruction program at the University of Richmond through theSchool of Professional and Continuing Studies.  Participants were in-service teachers, charged with videotaping their instruction, and sharing with and providing feedback to their peers in the backchannel while the videos were being played.

We analyzed transcripts of the discussion and conducted surveys of their experience.  A PDF of our presentation is available, and we would be thrilled to discuss findings further with anyone who has interest.