Kassner Consulting, LLC is a licensed, small, women-owned business based in Central Virginia committed to serving the unique needs of individuals and organizations in achieving their goals by bringing knowledge of research and best practice to bear on educational decision-making.

Clients include graduate students, K-12 school systems, institutions of higher education, non-profit organizations, and research consortia. Kassner Consulting addresses this variety as research and best practice would dictate - with differentiated approaches and customizable services to best meet client needs.


Who we are

Former public school teacher, library media specialist, curriculum developer, school division leader, researcher, adjunct professor, business owner, wife, mother, friend.

Meet Laura 

What we do

We listen to you and your needs and determine how our expertise best fits.  Everything from reviewing literature to logistical planning, from curriculum audits to instructional design, from creating survey instruments to preparing reports. And much more.


How to connect

 While we are located in Central Virginia, we are committed to leveraging technology to collaborate, so our services are available without geographic constraints.  Email, live chat, Skype, phone calls, and we never turn down a chance at coffee or lunch face-to-face.